Key Development Team | Producers


Jaime Lynn Fusco is a New York City native who has been pioneering new, innovative and creative concepts for over two decades. At the age of 19, she owned a thriving Internet consulting business at the beginning and through the height of the Dot-com boom. She worked with Fortune 1000 companies transitioning them on to the World Wide Web for the first time. Concurrently, she launched an alternative informational news website and was a blogger before blogging existed. For the last 15 years, she’s been in the non-profit sector working with governmental, educational, civic, social, charitable, and religious organizations on projects ranging from directing and producing Live events, concerts, TV shows, short films, music videos, and new media in the U.S., Middle-East and Africa. These projects were in coordination with a wide range of collaborators across the social, business and government sectors as well as, in the media, film, and music industries such as MGM, NBC, Warner Brothers, TBN, and CBN. She also has an extensive background in communications, marketing, and promotions across all sectors and has had successful campaigns ranging from tourism, tech, retail, events, religious, media and film.


Melissa Lahti conceptualized and produced the Journeyman documentary Cat Island. She also led a documentary series production following college sports traditions at dozens of Universities around the US, and has produced documentary commercial content for companies and nonprofits like Novartis, the YMCA, the MS Foundation, GE, and Ford. More recently she has been working for PBS on several projects for PBS kids including showrunning the new Nature Cat companion show Nature Crafts. She is also an ongoing periodic instructor with the DCA in Nigeria and across West Africa. 


Gabriel Paxton is a Los Angeles producer, director and coordinator. He brings a wealth of international travel experience having spent a significant portion of his life living abroad and documentary experience including an internationally produced documentary covering VANDU, a program in Vancouver designed to help people kick hard drugs. Gabriel is known for his calm under pressure, ability to execute under duress, and skills as a collaborator, macro-level strategist and mediator. 

CONSULTING STAFF - Film & Production

Gregory Everett

Award winning director and producer whose work dates back to covering gang violence and the rap community in the 1980s. He also produced  a documentary about his wife's  failed attempt at natural birth. more recently he has been working with the California State Film Commission to develop  improved standards for first response filmmaking during journalistic endeavors, natural disasters, and other dangerous conditions. 

Kurt Jones & Tiffany Thomas 

Emmy Winning Documentary Producers for 'Defending the Homeland'. 

'Defending the Homeland' premiered at Cannes and aired on PBS.

T. Faye Griffin 

T. Faye is a writer best known for her work on 'In Living Color' and as a speech writer for Nelson Mandella and Barak Obama.  

Stephanie Linus 

Stephanie is a Nigerian actress, director, and model. She won the Nigerian National honor award in 2011 for her work to drive awareness to women's healthcare through filmmaking.  She is an official advocate for the Fistula Foundation. 

Matt Owens

Writer for Marvel Agents or Shield, Luke Cage, and the upcoming One Piece and My Hero Academia Properties on Netflix. Matt is also a regular writer for the Star Wars franchise having penned the most recent rendition of the Mace Windu comic and one of the upcoming franchise features. 

Landon Donoho 

Director & Principle Editor of 'Cat Heaven Island' on Amazon Prime. Landon is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. He is known for his fast reaction time both on set and in the editing bay. 

Daniel Reed 

Daniel Reed has numerous reality and documentary film credits for networks like Discovery, The Cooking Channel, HGTV, CBS, Bravo and more.  

Derek Scearce 

Derek Scearce is a documentary cinematographer whose work includes the feature length projects 'The Resurrection of Jake the Snake', 'Race to Tokyo', and 'Forget Not'. 


Rich Manley - Ripple Ventures 

A purpose driven entrepreneur. Rich’s ventures have included the founding team of Talk Inc a pioneer of VSAR (voice, storage and retrieval) technology, a design business, media production studio, and L5M, a hospitality solutions provider. L5M’s marketing platform enabled hotel brands to control centralized media content across disparate hotel franchised systems, and became a mandated brand standard across all Hilton Hotels. After L5M, Rich launched CallSpace, an enterprise mobile ad platform to enable in-call delivery of digital content to mobile devices for major retailers like JC Penney and Best Buy. Rich is also the CEO of O2 Science, a Jerusalem, Israel based medical device company.

Todd Gibson - Ripple Ventures 

Todd was raised in the primitive cultures of Papua New Guinea. Immersed in subsistence living, native farming techniques and 3rd-world cultural perspectives, Todd brings valuable insights into emerging economies. Todd has led tech development and product teams in seven countries as a Product Manager, VP of Product and Head of Growth across five companies spanning Digital Analytics, EdTech, Adtech, Publishing, and FinTech. A successful entrepreneur, twice a co-founder, and with a successful exit, his background encompasses engineering, design, UX, two-sided marketplaces, SaaS platforms and IT. Todd serves as VP of Projects for Ripple Group and VP of Product for O2 Science

Bill Burgess - Ripple Ventures 

A creative strategist, Bill has led brand development and design projects across tech, entertainment and retail verticals. At Apple, Bill served as the music industry interface to the top 1% of artists and producers, translating their needs into Apple’s Pro Apps solutions. At Frog, he led the complex rebrand and design of the parent company headquarters. His ability to perceive and articulate emerging trends enables brands to quickly reposition to capture new markets. Born into a family of artists, Bill’s design instincts were shaped by his father, a renowned sculpture who forged steel and metal into impossible structures. Bill’s father gave us Continuum, one of the largest sculptural fountains in America, framing the gateway to the Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs. The combination of Bill’s unique expertise and creative heritage helps Ripple clients develop category-leading identities. 

Denny Fitzpatrick - Ripple Ventures 

As one of the most respected hoteliers in America, Denny regularly speaks to business conferences about transforming their business form a place of work to a place of purpose, and the "5 I's" a framework for a dynamic workplace culture. Under Denny's leadership of the Iconic Beverly Hilton, the property became the largest rated Hilton in the world. Dennt led the Beverly Hilton through a $150m renovation and grew revenue in a 3 year perios from $46m to $83m a growth rate unheard of in the hospitality industry. Subsequently, under his leadership the Hotel 1000 Seattle became the highest rated luxury hotel n the Pacific Northwest, and the Willows Lodge has been named best resort in Washington by Conde Nast. 

Chad Scarborough - Ripple Ventures 

Chad is the Senior Manager of Training and Staff Services for the Seattle Seahawks. His team of 1,500 event service staff manage every game day touchpoint for 2.3 million visitors each year to CentryLink Field, tanked as the #1 Game Day Experience in the NFL. His team's relentless focus on customer service, mobile technologies and data has been the subject of numerous articles from INC Magazine to Businesswire. Prior to the Seahawks, Chad worked in the NBA for the Seattle SuperSonics and Oklahoma City Thunder. Chad's expertise on the intentionality of the customer experience and a people focused operational culture is a powerful benefit for Ripple Ventures client interface. 

Lanny Donoho

Author & Co-Founder of BigStuf Ministries & Campgrounds